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As you can imagine our professional work comes with, among other things, large expenses to acquire the equipment needed to achieve success. We the World Racing Academy unterstand that just making a donation to a team can be unsettling if you don't know where your money will go. Exactly for that reason we have put a list together of items we really need for our work and if you choose to, you could purchase to help us.



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Material we need for next Season:

The RL Ski Racing System is the newest generation of wireless timing from Brower Timing Systems. The system is portable, easy to set up, and simple to run. The RL System offers increased dependability with the new redundant transmitions and signal streangth indicator, which means that the Wand and the Finish Beam don't miss times. The system also includes 32 channels, allowing multiple systems to be used at the same time without interference. There are also multiple power settings that cover any length course up to 5 miles or 8 km. The system also has multiple programs which allow the user to customize the system to their training needs. The RL system represents the latest in wireless timing technology. RL stands for Race Link, which means that the system has a reliable wireless link ready for race day.

Most important thing in our business as you can imagine are gates, during the season we need a lot of gates (GS and SL) because with the time they get broken. But we need also things like new drills for putting down the gates or nets to make the training safer. We need also new brushes because they get also broken and the new ones are holding better in the ground. There are a lot of things we need to provide the best training possibilities for our racers.